Biden Unable to Control Inflation Due to Unions’ Pressure

Inflation is the most pressing issue in the country right now, which is impacting every household in one way or another.

However, President Biden is still pleasing unions, which are forcing him not to control the unprecedented price hikes in any sector of the economy.

Biden Busy Pleasing Unions Over Average Americans

On Wednesday, the US Labor Department released a monthly inflation report, which revealed the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose by 9.1% in June, compared to the same time last year.

This marks the highest yearly inflation rate in the last four decades. Amid these crises, White House officials and President Biden are only passing sweeping statements without introducing any specific measures to tackle inflation.

In his recent op-ed in the Washington Post, Biden wrote that tackling inflation is the “top economic priority,” but he is yet to bring any specific proposal to cool down the markets.

There is a whole slate of measures that can help Biden in controlling surging inflation immediately…at the expense of the union voters.

The White House rejected the idea of reversing the higher ethanol blend in gasoline, which is responsible for increased food prices. Though taking this measure will make the farmer unions angry. 

Similarly, Biden is reluctant to increase domestic oil and gas production since it will turn environmentalists against him. In addition to that, Biden is trying to please student unions by expanding student loan benefits, which is also likely to increase inflation significantly.

These pro-union measures of Biden are in line with his recent comments, in which he vowed to become “the most pro-union president in the history of the United States.”

Last October, US Labor Secretary Marty Walsh noted Biden is leading “the most pro-union, pro-worker administration of our lifetime.”

Biden Promotes Legislation Supported By Unions Only

Biden has even asserted that deficit reduction would help him in tackling the economy, even at a time when he is pushing legislation that increases the deficit.

Democrats’ American Rescue Plan, which has been repeatedly praised by Biden, significantly increased the deficit; the social spending bill even tried to increase the deficit further.

Whereas Biden, who wanted to please unions by ignoring the health of the economy, supported these legislations.

A trade union namely the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) appreciated lawmakers for passing the American Rescue Plan, which, according to them, helped families in navigating through troubled times of the pandemic.

(Social media footage snapshot shows a rather subdued Putin during a forum in Central Asia)

For Biden, putting the blame for rising inflation on Russian President Vladimir Putin is the easiest way to go.

Similarly, many Democrats, including Biden, are tying rising inflation with the inability of their communications team to launch an effective messaging campaign.

Reportedly, Biden is even unsatisfied with his public relations team, since it is unable to let his message reach voters ahead of the midterm elections.