Biden Tries Blaming Someone New For the Cratering Economy

Joe Biden was supposed to do one job: get in office and correctly read the teleprompter his handlers wrote for him.

Though even that job has turned out to be too difficult for Biden. He has been falling off bikes, reading teleprompters wrong, and making excuses while our economy and inflation crater.

Biden blamed Vladimir Putin and greedy oil companies for the high costs at the pumps and inflation, but not everyone is convinced.

Now, he has a new scapegoat.

Biden: Republicans to Blame For Our Economic Problems

Biden decided to keep doing everything but look in the mirror. It’s understandable that he’d want to focus on everyone but himself.

Leaks from his son Hunter’s cellphone show Biden being referred to on Hunter’s contact list as “Pedo Peter.”

Biden reportedly went by the name Peter Henderson for some time as a pseudonym on various e-mail accounts. This name was taken from a Tom Clancy book about a Russian spy who infiltrates the White House under the name Peter Henderson.

More photos and video clips from the phone show Hunter smoking crack at rehab, discussing the weight of a pack of crack with hookers, and doing various activities with many different sex workers.

Now, Biden decided to lash out by blaming Republicans for the high prices at the pumps and inflation, saying the GOP is “doing nothing” and blocking Democratic attempts to get prices lower.

Complaining it’s “not right,” Biden said the Republican Party doesn’t care about improving life for Americans or working with him to reduce costs and inflation.

Classic Projection

The Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud referred to the theory of projection. This is when somebody accuses and blames someone else for what they’re responsible for to offset feelings of shame and frustration.

That’s clearly what Biden is doing here as his approval rating slips to 38% and the situation continues to worsen. He wants to do anything but admit his administration is to blame.

Whereas this country and our economic future is not a therapy session for an old man and his troubled family.

We have real working families across this nation struggling because of the political game-playing of this regime and its complete indifference to the suffering of our people.

Biden has been anti-energy, pro-China, and anti-American worker from day one. His public relations team can try to spin it any way they want, but those are the facts.

The Bottom Line

Enough gaslighting and projection from this corrupt and incompetent regime. Biden and the Democrats have only made this situation worse. Now, they want to blame Republicans?

The Democrats currently control Congress and the White House. If they still want to play victim and complain, it just emphasizes how little they have to offer.

Vote these bums out.