Biden Surrenders American Authority to an International Organization

Republican lawmakers want President Biden to either correct the World Health Organization’s “rampant corruption” or withdraw the country from the organization.

They believe the organization protected Chinese interests in the coronavirus crisis.

Biden Must End Rampant Corruption in the World Health Organization

The House Freedom Caucus wrote a letter to President Biden, in which GOP lawmakers asked Biden not to “empower” the WHO.

Instead, the president should continue the efforts of former President Trump to withdraw America from the organization or at least push for serious reforms in the liberal organization.

It is marred with pervasive corruption, as per the letter. In the wake of COVID, Trump moved to pull out America from the global health alliance.

This letter came ahead of the meeting of the World Health Assembly in Geneva this week, in which the U.S. would propose amendments to the International Health Regulations.

According to Republican congressmembers, these amendments are supposed to weaken American interests during any public health emergency.

Likewise, the GOP lawmakers wrote in the letter that the ineffective leadership of the organization should be changed immediately.

They specifically mentioned the Director-General of the organization, who, according to the GOP, is responsible for covering up the COVID-19 origins.

Biden is Ready to Empower the WHO

The proposed amendments from the Biden administration would fund the same individual who is responsible for manipulating coronavirus information, the letter added.

Thus, Republicans recommended the administration use the upcoming meeting of the World Health Assembly to change the radical leadership of the organization.

The letter also warned the president against surrendering his authorities to the WHO without congressional consent.

Under Article II of the U.S. Constitution, Congress has to make any “global pandemic treaty” just like other treaties, so the president should not give these powers to the WHO, as per the letter.

This letter is the continuation of Republicans’ narrative that the WHO should not enjoy so many powers that it starts dismantling American interests.

Just recently, Republican Senators Tom Cotton and Steve Daines asked the president to withdraw America from the organization over its “lack of competence” during COVID times.

However, the Biden administration seems unmoved, despite the concerns of Republican lawmakers. A source of the Biden administration told Fox News the WHO is a much-needed entity to tackle the global health crisis. 

The WHO crisis became relevant specifically in the wake of COVID.

Oftentimes, Republican lawmakers have labeled the organization a “puppet” of the Chinese government, as it did not bother to consider the lab leak theory of COVID origins, despite solid evidence in its favor.

Just last month, Republican lawmakers doubled down on their efforts to bring transparency to the organization. They called on the president to eradicate the “corruption” within the organization on an immediate basis.