Biden Sugar-Coating His Anti-American Agenda

President Biden is about to remove many tariffs on China, which the Trump administration introduced to protect American jobs.

Biden claims he can tackle skyrocketing inflation in the country by doing this.

Biden to Remove Import Restrictions on China

On Sunday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo announced the president has personally asked her to look into the removal of tariffs on China.

The same Raimondo previously declared the many tariffs from Trump to be “very effective.”

Speaking in a CNN interview, the secretary confirmed to the host that her department “is in the process” of analyzing the impacts of removing tariffs on many Chinese goods.

This move of the president comes amid rising inflation in the country, which could hit already vulnerable Democrats in the midterm elections.

In March this year, inflation hit a 40-year high, which is also contributing to decreasing approval ratings for Biden.

Last week, the president released his three-point agenda to combat inflation, but even Democratic lawmakers bashed him on the slow-paced plan.

Congressman Ro Khanna of California noted Biden needed to act fast to address inflation. He also emphasized it is time to utilize an emergency task force, which is supposed to decrease inflation in the country.

Similarly, the congressman added, the administration has to focus on the actual problem, instead of emphasizing “ad hoc” measures that are just made to grab media attention.

According to the secretary, lifting tariffs on some products, including household goods, bicycles, and other such things “make sense,” so the administration is considering going that route.

Though the current tariffs on steel and aluminum will remain intact, the secretary added.

Biden is Making Inflation Worse

For a long time, Biden kept on looking outside to tackle the surging inflation by leaving his own country in a mess.

It is now an established fact that free money given under the American Rescue Plan contributed significantly to an increase in inflation.

However, the Biden administration is turning a blind eye toward that issue and even looking to pass the Build Back Better agenda before the midterm elections.

If this bill is passed somehow, it will eventually break all the previous records of inflation. However, the real consequences would be seen after the midterm elections, which would give Democrats temporary relief.

In parallel, the president is busy blaming Russian President Putin for the inflation, coupled with his efforts to weaken the American economy by uplifting Chinese sanctions introduced amid Trump’s trade war.

Raimondo also reiterated Biden’s narrative during her interview, stating the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan did not contribute much to inflation.

Likewise, she warned about the ongoing shortage of semiconductors, noting it could continue until 2024.

So, the secretary continued, Congress needs to act fast to pass the semiconductor bill, which is needed to bring the country out of its current shortage of chips.