Biden Seeks BLM Official’s Advice for SCOTUS Nominee

Minyon Moore, previous adviser of President Bill Clinton recruited by Biden to give him advice regarding the Supreme Court nominee, is found to have connections with the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Biden’s Supreme Court adviser turns out to be a BLM official

Earlier February, the White House announced Minyon Moree would help Biden with nominating a black woman to the top court. Reportedly, she was working as an informal adviser to Vice President Kamala Harris before joining Biden.

On February 2, the White House announced in a statement Moore works for a consulting firm Dewey Square Group, where she is responsible for assisting her clients in public policy goals.

Prior to that, she worked as a Director of the White House Political Affairs under Bill Clinton.

However, the announcement declined to reveal she also served on the board of directors of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

The filings of the New Mexico and California Attorney General’s office mentioned Moore worked under the BLM movement.

While the date of Moore joining the BLM movement is not evident, she was not listed as a member of the movement in the filings of last March. The BLM Global Network Foundation acknowledged Moore is a part of the campaign.

However, the movement noted she is required to stop involvement with BLM as long as she is working as an adviser to Biden regarding the nomination to the Supreme Court.

In addition to this, the White House reiterated BLM’s narrative that Moore will not perform any activity related to the racial organization as long as she is attached to the president.

Biden denied making an ideological choice in Supreme Court nominee pick

According to the latest statement of the White House, the president is committed to nominating an “extraordinarily qualified” nominee after bipartisan consensus.

The association of Moore with BLM became important, amid Biden’s claims he would not make “ideological choices” while nominating a judge to the Supreme Court. 

Speaking to NBC News last Thursday, Biden claimed he wanted to fill the vacancy with an “open-minded” judge who has a firm grasp of the American Constitution.

Biden and other mainstream Democrats have tried to distance themselves from defunding the police narrative, which is a core ideology of BLM.

Recently, the president denounced the narrative during his visit to New York while announcing to fund the police instead. Similarly, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi voiced along similar lines, although many progressive Democrats do not agree with her.

The BLM movement came into the spotlight after George Floyd’s incident of 2020. 

Since then, the movement has remained hateful against the police, which is concerning many stakeholders that Moore’s decision in finalizing the Supreme Court nominee can be driven by the BLM ideology.