Biden Responds to Trump Having Dinner With White Nationalist

Earlier this month, news spread of former President Trump having dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes, both widely deemed as problematic figures.

West came under fire for vowing to go “Death Con 3” against members of the Jewish community. Meanwhile, Fuentes has openly denied the Holocaust and spouted white supremacist, anti-Semitic views.

In the wake of news that Trump dined with the pair at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, the former president implied Fuentes showed up (with West at his estate) uninvited. Trump also specifically noted that while he planned to dine with West, Fuentes wasn’t expected.

Critics and (former) allies of Trump alike have condemned him for having dinner with both West and Fuentes. Joe Biden, meanwhile, also commented on the matter, as the New York Post reports.

Biden on the Latest Trump Scandal

While being approached by the media, the president said the public “[didn’t] want to know” his thoughts about the Trump-West-Fuentes scandal.

However, the White House did release a statement about this report. According to the Biden administration, anti-Semitism doesn’t have any place in the country, nor does bigotry or hatred.

The White House also specifically referenced Mar-a-Lago, calling for the “forceful condemnation” of Holocaust denials.

In other recent comments regarding Trump, Biden made it clear in no uncertain terms that he believes he could defeat the former president for a second term in another general election.

Though polls show that roughly six in ten Americans are opposed to both Biden and Trump as 2024 presidential candidates.

More Bad Press For Trump

This latest scandal facing Trump comes as he’s already been skating on thin ice. Many in the Republican Party are jumping ship from Trump, refusing to back him financially, and turning to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the next leader of the party.

Certain Republicans, such as former House Speaker Paul Ryan, claim that any GOP candidate but Trump could defeat Biden. Ryan is also on record saying that Trump is unelectable and this will be made apparent by the time the 2024 presidential election arrives.

According to multiple reports, members of Trump’s team are already trying to do damage control amid the West and Fuentes scandal. It also comes less than three weeks after the former president announced his third campaign for the White House.

Members of Trump’s team who spoke anonymously told the media that stories like this only further energize Republicans who are looking to turn to DeSantis as the new leader of the GOP.

What do you make of how Joe Biden reacted to the latest scandal facing former President Trump? Do you believe this is something that Trump will be able to eventually bounce back from?

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This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.