Biden Receives Bipartisan Trashing After Landing Back in America

Joe Biden’s remarks against Putin have earned him much fury since he landed back in America after his controversial trip to Europe.

As Biden suggested regime change in Russia, critics and also the well-wishers of Biden are grilling him at the moment.

GOP Senator Recommended Biden to Stay on Script

GOP Senator Jim Risch asserted Biden should “stay on script” after his controversial remarks regarding Putin.

The president noted in Warsaw, Poland that Putin cannot hold power any more, which has overshadowed the proceedings of his whole visit to Europe.

While the senator noted that the scriptwriter did a good job in crafting a reasonable speech for Biden, the president went off-script, which he has to avoid in the future.

Furthermore, Risch claimed Biden’s “horrendous gaffe” would delay the end of the war. This is the same thing French President Emmanuel Macron said about intense words hurting the peacemaking efforts.

Moreover, Risch noted the “nine words” of Biden have undone all the efforts of the incumbent administration in keeping the escalation low in the military conflict so far.

Far-Left Still Obsessed with Defending Biden

Amid all this, some far-left elements are still trying to back Biden.

Tom Nicholas, a former adviser of the Lincoln Project and a writer at the Atlantic, criticized a liberal media outlet CNN for quoting Biden’s comments.

A chyron at CNN mentioned Biden’s comments that Putin could no longer remain in power. Responding to this, Nicholas labeled the channel as “irresponsible” and stated the outlet was taking a “war aim.”

As Nicholas faced public backlash for criticizing a channel for quoting the exact words of Biden, the writer clarified he meant the context was missing from the actual wording.

After criticizing CNN for quoting Biden’s words, Nicholas ended up writing a whole article calling the comments the “unforced error.” 

According to Nicholas, Biden was speaking for Americans; these sorts of errors are common for a president who speaks things that are “impolite, but true.”

As the White House walked back on Biden’s comments, Nicholas criticized that as well. He discouraged the effort of the White House, stating this was not the time for improvisation.

He was so obsessed with defending Biden he ended up criticizing other journalists as well. Calling Biden’s comments “gaffe,” Nicholas stated journalists should do a better job in reporting international crises.

Meanwhile, Americans seem done with President Biden, as the latest polls suggest his popularity is in nosedive all over the country.

In the aftermath of the Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden’s ratings were impacted severely, and the same thing is happening once again.

As per the latest NBC News poll, 70 percent of Americans expressed low confidence in Biden’s ability to deal with the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Similarly, only 40 percent of Americans approve of the direction of the country under Biden’s presidency, as per the same poll.