Biden: “Real” Food Shortage Coming Soon

The threat of chronic food inflation is becoming real in America.

President Biden claimed food shortages are “gonna be real.” Once again, the president blamed Russia for the upcoming shortage that would sweep across the United States.

Biden Warns About Food Shortages in America

Speaking at a NATO summit in Belgium, Biden stated Russia is not the only country that is paying the price of heavy sanctions on its economy.

Instead, many European countries, as well as the United States, are facing the consequences of global sanctions against Russia.

Furthermore, Biden claimed both Russia and Ukraine are the “breadbasket of Europe” with respect to wheat production, so any sanctions will disrupt the global supply of wheat.

Thus, the president continued, he discussed the issue of potential food shortage with the global stakeholders.

Biden added all European countries need to end trade limitations on foods so no country stocks food at a time when global food shortages are impacting the masses across the globe.

Psaki Had an Opposite Message Days Ago

However, once again, Biden’s message of a potential food shortage in America came at a time when his own press secretary, Jen Psaki, noted Americans would not be impacted by any food shortages.

She stated recently that food supplies could get expensive, due to higher wheat, fertilizer, energy, and fuel prices, but it is unlikely to hit the American food supply chain.

Psaki also quoted the World Bank, noting low and middle-income countries like those in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East are likely to face intense food crises.

Back then, the press secretary also claimed the Biden administration was working with relevant authorities, including the World Food Program and other United Nations agencies, to avert any possible food crisis in low-income countries.

In the past, Biden blamed the “leadership” problem as the root cause of food shortage when Donald Trump was president.

Speaking in a virtual town hall meeting in May 2020 when COVID hit American shores, then-presidential candidate Joe Biden stated America had plenty of food, but is lacking good leadership, which is causing the problem.

However, the actual problem was due to the unexpected arrival of the coronavirus pandemic, which exacerbated the food shortage all over the world.

According to Fox News, Americans, especially those who live paycheck to paycheck, have already started feeling the financial squeeze as food bills climbed steadily.

This came at a time when oil and gas prices were also rising, which prompted the Biden administration to blame oil companies and the Russian invasion for the hike.

However, oil companies dismissed Biden’s claims, adding companies are unable to regulate oil prices as they are supposed to be established globally.

As per the Observatory for Economic Complexity, Ukraine and Russia produce 25 percent of global wheat.

The war is likely to disrupt this production and export, should the situation not become normal as early as possible.