Biden Panned Over Speech About Change in Pennsylvania

On Biden’s watch, the United States has shifted; yet, not for the better. Americans today are poorer, more stressed, and in greater need than they were before the current president came into office.

Computer chips, baby formula, tampons, insulin, and other critical supplies are in dire shortage. It’s since come out the federal government knew this would happen months ago, but still chose not to take preventative measures.

Biden, meanwhile, seems to be in a state of denial when it comes to what’s happening to America on his watch. Recently, the president went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to give a public speech.

Although, the whole thing went terribly awry, causing Biden to take massive backlash, as confirmed by New York Post.

Biden on “Changing” Lives in America

While in Philadelphia, the president’s statements about “changing people’s lives” is what ultimately stood out. Biden glaringly commented he was sick of hearing so-called “lies” about how the government is spending money.

From here, the president went on to claim the government, on his watch, is changing lives. In response to this, many Americans agreed that Biden is changing lives, albeit not in the positive way he seems to believe he is.

8.6% inflation in the United States is definitely life-changing. It makes retirement out of reach for many Americans, along with making day-to-day living expenses more unaffordable.

High gas prices have definitely been life-changing, as well. They’ve limited the amount of driving people are able to do. They’ve also caused more Americans to go into debt and drain their savings accounts.

Needless to say, none of these changes is anything for Biden to be bragging about. These changes also trace back to the policies the current president has insisted on putting through during his time in office.

Real Change Needed in America

The president’s comments about change have inspired many people across the country to weigh in on real changes that would actually be beneficial.

One of these changes just so happens to be that of the power balance in Congress. Having a House and Senate dominated by the Democrat Party has enabled bills that never would have become law under GOP majorities.

If the polls surrounding the midterms are any indication, the congressional power balance will be tipping back to the GOP soon enough. This will play a major role in guaranteeing that even more destructive elements of Biden’s agenda aren’t put through.

After the midterms, the 2024 presidential election will also provide the opportunity for a change in the current president and administration.

What do you think about the changes America has undergone since the Biden administration came into power? Readers are welcome to let us know about this in the comments feed below.