Biden Must Bring American Hostages Back from Russia

National security experts are suggesting the Biden administration should take immediate measures to bring American “hostages” back who are currently detained in Russia.

American “hostages” in Russia should be returned immediately

Jason Killmeyer, a national security expert and GOP candidate from Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional District, noted Biden left thousands of Americans and aides in war-torn Afghanistan, while withdrawing from the South Asian nation.

Likewise, he claimed the president has yet to make any announcement regarding Americans currently present in Russia who want to come back to their loved ones. Thus, he claimed the administration should bring all “hostages taken by Russia” into America.

Speaking to Fox News, Killmeyer, who advised a federal agency regarding supply-chain risk management, noted even a single American left alone by Biden is unacceptable; he is leaving them en masse.

The national security expert also raised his voice about two detained American individuals in Russia. According to him, the Biden administration is busy compromising with Russia diplomatically and economically, adding this should not be the case.

He claimed more economic sanctions should be enforced on Russia if it is unwilling to release American detainees.

Killmeyer was signaling toward the detention of a former Marine, Paul Whelan, and Trevor Reed, who was arrested, even though American officials denounced the charges as forged.

Although Biden mentioned their cases during his call with Putin in July last year, it encouraged Russia to detain yet another American.

This time, the victim is two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner, who was recently detained on charges of drug smuggling.

Trump brought American hostages back

Contrary to this, Killmeyer praised former President Trump for his better foreign policy approaches.

He pointed out Trump managed to bring American hostages back from foreign nations, prominently Pastor Andrew Brunson from Turkey.

Meanwhile, the strategic expert also advised Biden to tackle Russia in the energy sector to gain political leverage.

By reversing his misguided policies regarding oil and gas production and sanctioning the Russian oil and gas sector, the Biden administration can avert the persisting crisis smoothly, Killmeyer added.

In addition to that, he noted if Biden is unwilling to take realistic actions and is only endorsing leftist climate change policies, Russia will never take him seriously again.

Reportedly, even America’s biggest ally, the European Union, is aiming to sanction the oil and gas sector of Russia, while the American government is still hesitant to do so.

Even at a time when Democrats are pushing the president to ban Russian oil imports, the White House is still emphasizing doing so would increase oil prices significantly, as it intensifies supply-side issues.

As Russia continues its human rights violations in Ukraine, the concerns are rising that Americans present in both of these countries are at risk of getting politically persecuted if they do not get back home as soon as possible.