Biden LIES About the State of the Economy Once Again!

Earlier this week on Tuesday, Biden tried to convince all of us that his massive spending agenda was only coming into play and we’ll be seeing the real effects it will have on our crumbling economy in “due time.”

This comes after thousands of American families struggled to put together a decent Thanksgiving dinner for their loved ones; the average cost of one went up by at least 30%, all of it enabled by Bidenflation.

Biden claims his multi-trillion dollar plan is only coming into play

In his boasting, Biden claimed the “American Rescue Plan” is so much more than we’re all seeing. He said none of us are aware of the positive effect it will have on the economy, despite all the warnings from analysts about inflation still being on the rise.

The speech was done at a computer chip plant in Bay City, Michigan; the workers were wishing for a smidge of hope for the future, only to be met with yet another one of Biden’s deceptive schemes, not one of them successful.

According to our out-of-touch president, the $1.9 trillion in funding for the aforementioned plan is set to enable local governments to pay their employees on the regular, mentioning even more trillions he’s willing to spend on healthcare, the manufacturing industry, and infrastructure.

He finished his speech with the bold claim that the American economy will only improve under his rule; while the plan may end up being somewhat effective, it won’t be enough to counteract the damage the Biden administration has already done.

Inflation is slowing down…but not really

Biden added the American people are finally starting to feel some optimism, which is categorically untrue, seeing as almost 70% of Americans feel we’d have been better off without him, whereas almost 60% don’t want him to run in 2024.

The bill he was promoting is set to spend billions on green energy and subsidization of semiconductor chip manufacturing, almost as if he’s convinced the current state of the economy is a clear sign of jobs surging back to states like Michigan.

The average cost of living has gone through the roof ever since Biden was signed into office; his woke policies and attention given to “going green” are bound to send us falling down the economic chasm he led us into.

Another one of his wild claims was inflation was starting to slow; even though it did slow down somewhat compared to September and August, it doesn’t remove the fact we’re still in a high inflation environment.

Additionally, his “Inflation Reduction Act” would have done little to solve the issue. It would only continue increasing inflation for the next three to four years, leaving the average American family with next to no resources to work with.

Of course, none of this will stop Biden from lying to his brainwashed followers; as long as he’s got a platform to promote his absurd agenda on, he’ll continue doing it.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.