Biden is Using Federal Agencies to Rig Elections

President Joe Biden is up for more voter fraud activity as he looks toward federal agencies for his own benefit.

Republican lawmakers objected to the president’s voting access executive order, which is supposed to engage federal agencies in elections.

Republicans object to Biden’s ambitions to rig elections

Fox News obtained the letter of Republican lawmakers to the White House. In this letter, Republicans are questioning Biden’s ambition regarding the use of federal agencies in the elections process.

In his executive order last year, Biden directed federal agencies to increase voter participation and voter registration.

The GOP lawmakers want to know if this executive order would limit the agencies from doing their actual work.

A ranking member of the House Administration Committee, Rodney Davis, stated the administration is wasting valuable resources of the agencies by engaging them in political activities.

This will eventually bar those agencies from their actual mission, the congressman told Fox News.

Davis is one of the nine authors of the letter sent to Susan Rice and Shalanda Young. Both of them are serving as the directors of Domestic Policy Control and the Office of Management and Budget, respectively.

Other signatories of the letter included James Comer, Bryan Steil, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Glenn Thompson, Virginia Foxx, Andy Harris, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, and Steve Womack.

When Biden exercised his executive authority and signed the order in March 2021, a score of federal agencies quickly responded to his calls.

They announced their plans to promote voter participation and voting access. Some notable agencies among them were the Department of Defense and the Department of Agriculture. 

According to the letter, now the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) under the Agricultural Department will also get involved in overseeing voting matters.

The program is mandated to provide food benefits to needy families.

Likewise, the letter claimed the multi-billion dollar nutrition program, which has a completely different purpose, is used for political gains.

This is a matter of grave concern for the country. Thus, the order should come under further scrutiny, the lawmakers added.

Biden’s Executive Order Will Divert Food Funds for Political Gain

Republicans are concerned about the authority of these agencies in engaging in election activities. Thus, they are asking Biden to explain the costs and voting plans of the agencies, as well as their authority to carry out this job.

Davis stated the GOP is aiming to see that agencies like the Small Business Administration and SNAP are not diverting their funds from the actual purposes.

The Small Business Administration is supposed to help job creators, while SNAP is made to give much-needed food support to needy families.

In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, Democrats intensified their efforts to rig more elections.

They are doing this not only with the executive order, but also by using their congressional majority to enact legislative changes that snatch election authority from states.