Biden is Encouraging Minors to Change Genders

The Biden administration is encouraging minors to change their genders by promoting gender-reassignment surgeries.

Biden Encouraged Minor Children Gender Reassignment

On Thursday, the Office of Population Affairs (OPA), which comes under the Department of Health and Human Services, issued a document mentioning ways for minors to change their genders.

Another agency under the HHS released a similar type of document on the very same day.

The HHS provided transgenders with ways to do gender transformation, including “top surgery” to change their chest shapes to either males or females.

Similarly, facial feminization and surgery on reproductive organs were some of the other ways that could be used to change gender, the HHS claimed.

As per the OPA, these gender transformations can lead transgenders toward a quality life, by reducing their mental health trauma and helping them in building self-esteem.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) document, also reiterated the same things, stating these transformations can assist transgenders to “increase their confidence” and help them in social transition.

There is a parallel school of thought, according to which promoting these sorts of gender transformation decisions comes under child abuse.

This is evident from a recently passed policy in Texas, which declares these sorts of treatments illegal.

However, the HHS emphasized that gender transformation does not come under child abuse.

Calling it neither “maltreatment nor malpractice,” the NCTSN noted there is no proven record that surgeries and hormone replacement are detrimental to children’s well-being.

This has also prompted Biden to promote the same message. Biden addressed parents of transgender children in a newly released video of the White House.

He stated parents can keep their transgender children safe by encouraging treatment which would be one of the best things they can do with their children.

He further stated his administration is seeking to fight with states that are limiting transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports.

Thus, Biden indicated, these types of laws are “hateful” and “simply wrong.”

His government is looking forward to bridging the gap in education, health, sports, employment, and other sectors for the betterment of transgender youth.

Red States Are Protecting Women’s Sports

Currently, Texas is leading the efforts to stop this child cruelty of the Biden administration. Recently, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott noted that gender-affirming treatments are “child abuse.”

As a result, he advised Texas Child Protective Services to look deeply into any cases of these treatments. Ken Paxton, the attorney general of Texas, also established these efforts are not directed toward the well-being of children.

The issue came into the spotlight when trans swimmer Lia Thomas won the NCAA gold medal while competing in the women’s category.

Conservatives have decried the policy of letting transgenders compete in women’s sports, claiming trans athletes get an unfair physical advantage while playing against women.

Since then, many red states have banned trans athletes’ participation in women’s sports.

Republican lawmaker Lauren Boebert has even introduced a bill in Congress to honor the second position holder in the NCAA swimming event.