Biden is Changing the Fortunes of His Whole Family

Valerie Owens Biden, the younger sister of President Biden, is the latest addition to the club capitalizing on Biden’s political career for its personal gains.

This defies the White House’s declared ethics policy, which press secretary Jen Psaki outlined last year.

Biden’s Sister Capitalizing on Her Brother’s Political Influence

While explaining the ethics policy of the White House, Psaki noted no one is allowed to use the name of Joe Biden for any commercial activity or to influence any outcome.

Owens, who campaigned for seven successful Senate races and three presidential bids of Joe Biden, is about to launch her new memoir titled “Growing Up Biden: A Memoir.”

The memoir has the cover photo of Joe Biden and the rest of the family. This attempt of Owens to use her brother’s name and photo for her personal memoir is being considered controversial.

Reportedly, lawyers of the transition team warned the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris that she could no longer use Harris’ name for any sort of new book or clothing.

However, Owens seems to get away with this attempt to capitalize on the political influence of his brother.

Biden Family Changing Its Fortune with Biden in Office

Apart from that, Owens’ daughter, Valerie J. Owens, popularly known by her nickname “Missy,” also cashed on his uncle’s political status; she raked in tens of thousands of dollars while working on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Once her uncle came to power in the aftermath of the 2008 election, Missy occupied high-level positions in the Obama-Biden administration.

As per her LinkedIn profile, she served as the deputy chief of staff in the Energy Department.

After that, Missy worked as the chief of staff to the deputy commerce secretary, followed by her job in Coca-Cola in the government relations department for almost a decade.

During her position at Coca-Cola, the company was involved in lobbying against a bill that was supposed to crack down on the forced labor of the Uyghur community of China.

Just two months ago, she joined a new position at General Motors in its regulatory affairs department.

The misery did not end here, as the other daughter of Valerie, named Casey, also held high-profile offices in the Obama-Biden administration.

While working in the Treasury Department, Casey worked to regulate economic and strategic dialogue with China, as per her LinkedIn profile. Currently, she is the vice president at Starbucks.

Near the end of Obama’s tenure, Missy asked Hunter Biden to help her get her mother accommodated in the administration.

According to the emails reviewed by Fox News, Missy asked Hunter if her mother getting a job in the administration would be “good for her.”

After some time, Valerie was appointed an Alternate Representative of the US to the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly. The position paid her $26,000 for a four-month gig.