Biden Family Scandals Set to Be Disclosed by IRS Whistleblower

A fresh new development in a congressional probe has made it increasingly likely that massive scandals involving the Biden family may become exposed, according to a report.

GOP-Led Committee Takes Vital Step

The financial affairs of Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family have recently become the focus of the House Republican majority. Brave GOP legislators are digging deeper and deeper into the cesspool of lies and secrets surrounding the president and his relatives.

The Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives has now taken a major step toward uncovering shocking truths about the Bidens. It has decided to give authority to two lawyers representing a whistleblower from the Internal Revenue Service.

The whistleblower’s attorneys will thus be able to inspect the tax returns and any other relevant information pertaining to Hunter Biden, The Federalist reported.

The report forecasts that the decision of the Ways and Means Committee would likely “accelerate the unraveling” of any protections that the Biden Justice Department is using in order to shield the first family from being held accountable for their potential violations.

It is noted that the IRS whistleblower’s revelation would become possible, based on a legal twist in Section 6103 of the Tax Authority’s Code. This stipulates that it would be illegal for any IRS employee to disclose federal tax returns.

Yet, there are exceptions to the Code’s provisions stipulating confidentiality.

This includes a statutory exception for government agents who become whistleblowers and reveal suspicious tax information to the US Senate Finance Committee or the US House Ways and Means Committee.

Crucial Workaround

The catch is the whistleblower would have to face the committees without legal counsel. This led one of his lawyers, Mark Lytle, to recently pen a letter to the leaders and ranking members of a number of congressional committees.

Lytle said the whistleblower hadn’t shared any confidential information with him, but the inability to use legal counsel on the matter would make his revelations about Hunter Biden’s affairs “challenging.”

The lawyer asked the congressional committees to “work” so his client would be able to expose the relevant information about the first son, while retaining his legal counsel.

The report points out that a workaround of the IRS code does give the head of the two relevant committees the right to select an “agent” for inspecting tax return information.

As a result, the House committee moved to appoint the whistleblower’s two lawyers as such agents and the whistleblower’s testimony could be expected shortly.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.