Biden Earns Another Unwanted Record

Joe Biden has now gone 100 consecutive days without having a sit-down interview with the media. This marks an unprecedented record in the recent presidential history of America.

Biden Goes 100 Days Without Having a Formal Interview

The last time Biden sat down for a formal interview with a media channel was when Lester Holt of NBC talked to him on February 10.

Although the president responded to the standalone questions of reporters since then, no formal interview has taken place.

According to the Republican National Committee spokesperson Emma Vaughn, this measure of the president defied his promises of running a transparent administration. 

Vaughn also added that 100 straight days without an interview means Biden is alienated from the mess he created, which is making Americans suffer.

Biden’s frequency of formal interviews is far less than his predecessors. At this point of his presidency, former President Trump appeared in 95 formal interviews, compared to only 23 of Biden.

Not only this, but Barack Obama appeared in 187, George W. Bush in 60, Bill Clinton in 64, George H.W. Bush in 70, and Ronald Reagan in 78 interviews by the end of the sixteenth month of their presidencies.

Reportedly, staff members of Biden’s own campaign are reluctant to allow him frequent media appearances because he often runs himself into controversies, due to his slips of the tongue.

In the past, Biden also told the media he cannot answer all of their questions. Similarly, Biden does not do press briefings in the Oval Office, due to the lack of a permanent teleprompter there.

Instead, he specified another place in the White House exists for this purpose, a place where he has access to a permanent teleprompter.

Biden Intentionally Denied Frequent Media Appearances

This lack of media presence by Biden is turning out to be a bipartisan issue. Not only Republicans, but also Democrats, are urging him to come on the media frequently.

For instance, Democratic strategist Brad Bannon indicated that Biden has to do more interviews if he wants to get an advantage.

Not appearing in these interviews is disallowing the president to spread his message among the masses, Bannon added.

A former aide of Trump’s campaign, Abigail Marone, sarcastically asserted it is great having a president who cares so much about transparency.

Chad Gilmartin, a staffer of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy suggested Biden is unable to defend his record of failure even after claiming he has done unprecedented good for the country. 

Furthermore, co-chair of the Republican National Committee Tommy Harris stated Biden has only two reasons not to appear in front of the media.

Either he wants to run away from his chaotic presidential tenure, or he wants to undermine the shady business dealings of his son Hunter Biden.

With Biden turning 80 this year, there are rising concerns among power corridors that he is unable to conduct presidential operations carefully.