Biden Disowning Granddaughter: White House Responded

(White House)

The White House recently addressed a question regarding Joe and Jill Biden’s apparent reluctance to acknowledge their seventh grandchild. In a recent instance, Biden asserted that he has “six” grandchildren, even though it is widely known that he has seven.

Hunter Biden’s Ongoing Paternity Suit, Financial Insolvency Claims

As reported by Red State, the child’s mother, Lunden Roberts, has been engaged in an ongoing paternity suit with the child’s father, Hunter Biden.

The president’s son is attempting to reduce his child support payments by asserting he is financially insolvent.

“Joe Biden Event, November 2019, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden” by Louise Palanker

Despite his claims of having no income and relying on a wealthy friend to support his lifestyle, Hunter Biden has been attending hearings with one of the nation’s most expensive attorneys.

Observers noted this discrepancy, as it is unusual for affluent individuals to cover legal fees and living expenses, including a car, for others without expecting anything in return.

However, the focus of this article is on Joe Biden’s seeming unwillingness to recognize one of his grandchildren. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre recently responded to a question on this subject.

Refusal to Address Biden’s Granddaughter

The press secretary’s tendency to casually dismiss inquiries she finds unfavorable is highly undemocratic, which is ironic given the administration’s ongoing concern for threats to “democracy.”

In this instance, however, her inability to provide a response may be more revealing than if she had attempted to deflect the issue with evasive language.

Even Jean-Pierre, who has grown accustomed to spinning narratives, seemingly cannot justify the president of the United States’ refusal to recognize his four-year-old granddaughter.

The situation is so appalling that it is perhaps better left unaddressed than rationalized.

As a colleague noted in 2020, the notion that Joe Biden is a “decent” man is far from the truth. The current president appears to be an uncaring, self-serving individual who is unwilling to support his own grandchild.

Despite having accumulated significant wealth through both direct and indirect taxpayer support, the family seems incapable of extending even minimal assistance to the child.

Moreover, they continue to disregard their innocent grandchild, making no effort to conceal their rejection.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.