Biden and United Nations’ Mutual Conspiracy Stopped 

The United Nations is pressuring America and its other member nations to terminate all pandemic-era policies that stop migrants from seeking asylum.

However, a federal judge stopped Biden from ending Title 42, which will eventually bind the government not to bow down to UN pressure.

UN Pressures Biden to End Title 42

On Friday, the UN High Commissioner advised the Biden administration not to stop its plan of ending Title 42 restrictions on the border.

Filippo Grandi, the High Commissioner, appealed that countries “urgently” lift these restrictions that bar asylum-seekers from entering their lands.

He further stated these pandemic-era restrictions are being used by countries to stop immigrants who are fleeing persecution and violence.

When the pandemic started, almost 100 countries imposed such restrictions. 20 of them still have laws that bar illegal immigrants from entering their respective land in one form or another.

Federal Judge Stopped Anti-American Interests

Amid these concerns of the United Nations, a federal judge ruled the Biden administration must continue imposing Title 42 restrictions.

Although the administration is likely to appeal against the court verdict, the decision is bound to delay the proposed lift. Under the original plan, the Biden administration had to lift these restrictions on May 23.

This court ruling is a sigh of relief for all Republicans and many Democratic lawmakers who were worried about the unprecedented surge in illegal border crossing after Monday.

Since the measure came into effect in March 2020, under the Trump administration, illegal immigrants have been expelled over 1.9 million times to stop the spread of COVID in the United States.

The lawsuit was led by Louisiana and Arizona, as 22 other states also joined them.

According to the states, the Biden administration did not weigh the consequences of the possible measure adequately, which could be a disastrous measure for many red states.

The attorney general of Arizona, Drew Ensign, told the court Biden failed to seek public comment on the measure and did not comply with the legal administrative procedure.

In contrast to this, the attorney of the Justice Department, Jean Lin, claimed the CDC had the authority to lift any public health restriction it deemed unnecessary. 

This decision of the court will stop any further burden on Border Patrol, which has been overwhelmed by the Biden administration, even with the public health measure.

Last month, over 234,0888 migrants entered America from the southern border.

The plaintiffs also claimed the presence of Title 42 is extremely crucial to avert drug trafficking, which has been a routine matter on the US southern border.

Republican leaders praised the decision of the court.

According to the governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, the federal court managed to protect the interests of Americans at a time when the Biden administration failed to do so.

On the other hand, immigration rights activists cried foul after the verdict.

Monika Y. Langarcia, an attorney at the Center for Immigration Law and Policy, indicated this decision will continue blocking “access to the asylum system.”