Biden Administration Telling Illegals Which Entry Points to Avoid, Border Patrol Agents Furious!

Around the end of April, Republican Congressman Andy Biggs made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast series, claiming he’d just received info of over 700k illegal aliens preparing to storm the border.

The intel was provided to him by county leaders in Arizona who’d been collaborating with Border Patrol in order to lower the number of illegals that gets through. They believe the crowd will only get bigger by the final day of Title 42.

Joe’s playing for the wrong team

As it turns out, the Trump-era policy that was the only thing keeping the border “in check” is going to end on May 10th. It’s going to cause one of the biggest border invasions in US history.

However, things may not have been that grim, had Joe not tipped off illegals on which border crossings to avoid. He is practically ensuring that border states will be overcome with immigrants in a matter of days.

Bill Melugin from Fox News was just as puzzled as Border Patrol agents were, stating there’s absolutely no reason for the DHS to announce this as publicly as they did. It just gave illegal immigrants an upper hand in the situation that is about to unfold.

Many agents are already claiming the operation is going to be a bust. They’re not wrong, seeing as they’re greatly outnumbered, while also being strategically evaded due to the intel Joe gave to the opposing side.

DHS’ announcement ruins border operations

At the very least, the Border Patrol Union didn’t remain silent. They openly criticized the Biden regime for ruining an operation that could’ve prevented almost a million illegals from storming into the US.

In the tweet they posted after the DHS made the announcement, the BPU labeled the incoming operation as a joke. BPU said anyone who’s serious about law enforcement wouldn’t have handled things this way.

Of course, we can’t know what Alejandro Mayorkas was thinking when he approved the announcement; although we’ve already seen him show immense support for illegal immigration in the past.

It’s unlikely he’s changed.

Unfortunately, the Biden regime has brought the US to a breaking point; there’s no telling how much longer this country will last under his rule.

From the botched Afghanistan pullout to the state of the border and our international relations, Joe hasn’t done a single thing properly. The current state of affairs is a testament to his incompetence in the role of president.

2024 couldn’t come any sooner. With candidates like DeSantis and Trump gunning for the White House, Sleepy Joe won’t stand a chance.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.