Biden Administration Making a Failed Strategy to Win War Against China

The Biden administration is miserably failing to devise a proper strategy for the possible war against China.

According to a newly published book, the White House is undermining China, envisioning the US could easily defeat the communist country.

Biden Failing to Make Unbreakable Strategy For China War

A think tank named American Enterprise Institute published a book “Defending Taiwan,” in which it detailed different possible scenarios that may arise in the wake of the America-China war.

Two senior fellows of the think tank, Hal Brands and Michael Beckley, wrote a piece in the book, claiming America is “preparing for the wrong kind of war.”

They also added that American leadership is only focused on winning a limited-scale localized conflict.

Similarly, Chinese leadership is also miscalculating the possible impacts of the war, thinking it would capture Taiwan only by launching some sudden strikes.

However, the book established the war between China and the USA will have global consequences; it would be easier to start than to end.

Once the war starts, the book mentioned, the United States would immediately move forward to push China back from Taiwan.

Chinese President Xi Jinping will be equally assertive in launching a counterattack against the United States. He already established that “peaceful reunification” of Taiwan has to be achieved soon to “rejuvenate” the Chinese nation.

Admitting defeat will be out of the question for Xi, as it could cost him his presidency and even his “life,” the authors added. 

Similarly, the US will face the same dilemma; the pursuit of balance of power, face-saving, and domestic outrage will force the White House to continue fighting the communist nation.

America Has a Few Ways to Counter China

The United States has four ways to counter the rising Chinese aggression in Taiwan, according to the authors.

First, the US must increase its stockpiles of ammunition in Taiwan so China can be deterred at the earliest possible stage.

Second, the authors claimed, the White House must secure critical networks in Taiwan and increase the supplies of food, fuel, and medical equipment before the start of the war.

Similarly, the United States must control the “ladder of escalation,” which will help it in turning the war into an economic catastrophe for China.

Lastly, America needs to push for the “negotiated compromise” at the end, instead of going to an all-out confrontation, since both the countries occupy nuclear weapons.

Brands and Beckley established both countries must strive to return to the status quo to bring normalcy to the world in the wake of the war.

In order to achieve this, China will need to retreat from Taiwan; the US should continue its existing policy of not recognizing independent Taiwan.

Speculations regarding the China-Taiwan war are rising once again. Taiwan sent its own jets to retaliate against the aerial invasion of China on Tuesday.