Biden Acknowledged Having a Pre-Approved List of Reporters

President Biden accidentally revealed he was given a list of reporters to call upon for asking questions of him during his Israel trip.

This marks the latest gaffe of the president, who often makes headlines for the slip of his tongue.

Biden Made Embarrassing Gaffes in Israel

When Biden took a question from an Israeli reporter, the organizer asked him to call on more reporters.

Biden then paused for a moment, looked down at his papers, and said, “sure. I was given a list here.” Eventually, he asked Steve Holland from Reuters to ask him the question.

Biden kept on looking at his list during the conference, whenever he needed to call the next reporter. He also asked another reporter, Nadia Bilbassy, to ask him a question after reading her name from the list.

This was the second gaffe of Biden in Israel, where he landed on Wednesday to begin his Middle East trip.

On Wednesday, he was describing the events of the Holocaust as he was scheduled to visit the Holocaust memorial site of Yad Vashem.

The president noted we “continue to bear witness” to the “honor of the Holocaust,” before he immediately corrected himself to “horror of the Holocaust.”

Afterward, Biden asserted he would visit Yad Vashem to honor the victims of the deadly tragedy of the Holocaust, who lost their lives in tragic incidents.

The president added he aims to eradicate the poison of anti-Semitism by fighting against this menace in every possible way.

Biden Continues Bringing International Shame to the US

Biden has a history of acknowledging that he reads names of reporters from a pre-approved list during his international visits.

At a US-Russia summit last year, Biden stated he would only call out the reporters as per the direction of his staff members.

Similarly, at the recent NATO summit, Biden looked at his list and said he was “told” to take a question from Darlene Superville of the Associated Press.

Biden’s struggle to face the media is not new, however. Previous reports indicated that staff members provide written material to the president, just to read them aloud since Biden has a tendency to make gaffes even at crucial moments.

Many reports have previously suggested that White House staffers avoid Biden’s press events in the Oval Office, due to the absence of a permanent teleprompter there.

Instead, he is usually taken to other offices of the White House to give media briefings, where he delivers pre-written speeches from a teleprompter to avoid media embarrassment.

Last month, cameras even captured the cheat sheet of Biden.

On this sheet, Biden was directed to sit down after saying “hello” to the participants. Some other things written on the cheat sheet included asking a question from an online reporter, delivering remarks for two minutes, and then departing the event.

According to Towson’s Project, Biden only appeared in 22 formal interviews during his first year of the presidency.

Meanwhile, former President Trump had 92 interviews, even after having a rocky relationship with most of the mainstream media.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.