Biden Accepting More Illegal Immigrants

The Biden administration is showing its soft-heartedness to the immigrants of four countries: Cubans, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, and Colombians. Most of them will be released into America on parole as border facilities are getting overwhelmed.

Illegal Immigrants to Be Released in America on Parole 

According to a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) source, which spoke to Fox News, the administration is all set to release immigrants from the four countries into mainland American territory.

The only exception remains the single Colombian adults who would not benefit under the soft-hearted policy of the Biden administration. A leaked email shows humanitarian parole is being given to the nationals of these four countries.

Not only this, but Fox News learned this parole is already in practice in Del Rio and the RGV sector.

A large number of stranded immigrants at the southern border is forcing Biden to take a so-called humanitarian approach. As per federal law, parole can only be used for humanitarian purposes that are urgent and for important public benefit.

While only a small number of parolees are given by the border officials, this time, the scope of this policy is being broadened to a huge extent.

Thus, thousands of immigrants are about to be released in America at a time when the monthly encounters have been crossing 150,000 for over a year now.

As of now, Columbians single adults will not be entertained under parole; they will be returned under Title 42, which Democrats have been trying to wrap up.

However, those immigrants who can neither avail of Title 42, nor have a legal chance to stay in America, will be removed from the country, as per the CBC.

US Border Facilities Overwhelmed 

This policy of parole is coming into the spotlight at a time when the administration is expecting a significant increase in border incidents, primarily at a time when the government is looking to wrap up Title 42.

Just this week, the Washington Post reported the predicted number of border encounters would cross 200,000 in March, compared to almost 173,000 at the same time last year.

This is visible from the actions of the border officials as well. On Thursday, a top Pentagon official claimed DHS is requesting additional support, as the number of migrants is likely to rise.

Despite the fact the citizens of the four nations would be treated unfairly at the border, another crisis is being cooked up at the US border.

Many photographs have indicated overwhelmed facilities in Texas are urging the administration to release illegal immigrants into the United States.

So, a border agent told Fox News they are “overrun,” due to the increasing number of border incidents pushing them to release people on parole.

All of this is coming at a time when the morale of border officials is at an all-time low; an internal schism is demotivating officers to do their duties to the fullest.