Belligerent Putin Gets Subdued After US Humiliates Him With New Allies

(Social media footage snapshot shows a rather subdued Putin during a forum in Central Asia)

Russia’s belligerent, bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin spoke in an untypically subdued tone as his bid for a grand Russian empire in Eurasia just got totally humiliated after NATO accepted Finland and Sweden as full-fledged allies.

Putin Suffering One Humiliation After Another

Putin has repeatedly denied Ukrainians’ right to exist as a nation that is independent and different from Russia.

Earlier this week, the G-7 nations reiterated their support for Ukraine for as long as needed. The NATO Summit in Madrid, Spain decided to admit Finland and Sweden. Last week, the European Union granted Ukraine a candidate membership status.

Putin’s war against Ukraine has gone terribly awry in military terms, especially considering that he expected to conquer the country of 45 million people and the size of Texas in three days tops.

As per the latest data from Ukraine’s government, more than 35,200 regular Russian troops have been killed in combat.

More than 10,000 units of Russian military hardware have been destroyed. When mercenaries and proxies are counted in, the Russian war dead could be surpassing 70,000.

(Ukrainian footage snapshot shows a Russian anti-ship missile right before it slams into a Ukrainian shopping mall packed with customers)

‘Nothing Could Bother Us’, We’re Just Genociding Ukrainians

Commenting on the decision of the US-led NATO alliance to admit Russia’s neighbors, Sweden and Finland, making them official American allies, a subdued Putin tried to save face.

Putin began pretending that Moscow does not care about the development in question, just so as long as Ukraine isn’t allowed to become a member of the western pact.

Yet, at the end of the day, the new reality is going to give Russia another 800 miles of NATO border. It will seal it off from the Baltic Sea in military terms.

Speaking to reporters at a forum in Turkmenistan’s capital Ashgabat, Putin declared “nothing could bother us,” with respect to Sweden and Finland’s accession to NATO and becoming official American allies, as cited by The Daily Mail.

However, Putin did mutter if there are new military deployments to those nations, Russia would have to “respond and raise the same threats.” This is typical and par for the course from the Moscow regime, at this point in time.

The Moscow tyrant also fumed that leaders of the NATO nations, including the US, “unlike” himself, only wish to “assert their imperial ambitions and supremacy.”

Putin’s natural KGB-type impudence did play out once again.

He, among committing other harrowing crimes, denied his responsibility for the nauseating Russian missile attack on a shopping mall in Ukraine’s Kremenchuk.

This killed dozens and injured hundreds. This was revealed before the entire world as Ukrainians released footage, clearly showing how a Russian missile was slamming into the customer-packed venue.