Assistant Secretary of Health Advocates For Mind and Body Altering Drugs

"Pennsylvania Opioid Update: Overdose Deaths Down, Upcoming Free Naloxone Distribution, Help for Families and Practitioners" by Governor Tom Wolf

If it wasn’t clear the left’s main goal is to ruin the upcoming generations, the most recent move from one of Biden’s appointees certainly makes it very obvious. This time, it’s through the sick act of chemical transitioning.

Namely, Joe Biden’s Assistant Secretary of Health, who is coincidentally also a transgender person, Dr. Rachel Levine, is pushing our nation’s youth to use body-altering drugs with permanent side effects, known as puberty blockers.

“Gov. Wolf, Sec. of Health Present Latest Data, Ask Pennsylvanians to Unite Against COVID” by Governor Tom Wolf

Child abuse at its finest

In fact, some of these drugs were even used to chemically castrate sex offenders in the past; this isn’t something the doctors paid to advertise them will tell you.

Dr. Levine himself is a man who convinced himself, and just about anyone woke enough to believe him, that he is a woman.

He has become the face of Biden’s sick plan to castrate American children at the first sign of them MAYBE being trans.

Thankfully, some remnants from the Trump administration helped delay Biden’s policies regarding puberty blockers.

US District Judge Charles Atchley Jr. from Tennessee ruled in favor of the 20 states claiming the most recent “woke” directive prevents them from establishing laws regarding a state’s transgender population.

In spite of the massive pushback from conservative states, Levine pressed on, claiming castration and puberty blocker therapy for children and teens is both age-appropriate and a necessary tool in this day and age.

A community of groomers and deviants

What Levine ever so purposely left out is the statistic that shows the staggering number of suicides committed every year by transgender persons that underwent sex reassignment surgery, only to regret doing the irreversible procedure.

What’s more, the very notion that someone is a transgender person stems from them being diagnosed with gender dysphoria.

This is a mental illness that was recently erased from hundreds of medicinal textbooks in favor of a more “politically correct” approach.

This means that Levine, a person diagnosed with a mental illness, was tasked with deciding the right course of action for when a child does some unassuming pretend play.

What’s more, this sick woman wannabe was the one to speak on the matter of climate change earlier this month, stating the Department of Human and Health Services is working on fighting the threats to health it may cause.

When he’s not debating the questionable concept of climate change, Levine is openly challenging a district judge’s decisions. He tried to justify the heinous act of castrating children right after Biden’s woke policy was blocked.

Our children are in danger. The #1 threat right now is the trans community, riddled with groomers and sickos ready to throw your child’s life away to push their ridiculous agenda.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.