Arnold Schwarzenegger Heading Up Big White House Event for Biden

Former California governor and movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger has a big event coming up for the White House.

The annual White House Correspondent’s Dinner is coming up, a time for the media to joke around and pal it up with the president and other Washington insiders.

Schwarzenegger will be opening up the event with a pre-recorded message for everyone to get the night of cringe started. Was the flight from California just too long or is Schwarzenegger just too worried about climate change?

What Will He Say?

Schwarzenegger used to be a very popular guy, but he’s lost a lot of ground over the years by embracing many leftist ideals.

His focus on green energy, on backing Democrats and opposing Donald Trump, in particular, has driven away many conservatives and patriots.

Schwarzenegger made waves in the past couple of years for comparing the MAGA movement to Nazis and for delivering painfully corny monologues about “democracy” and posting them on social media.

Schwarzenegger likes to go on and on about “hate” and misinformation; so it’s likely he’ll crack a few jokes and go on about how everyone who disagrees with him is a racist.

This is all pretty predictable stuff, but it will still be interesting to see just how cringe this Schwarzenegger speech is.

The Sad Truth…

This year’s WHCD will also have Biden and his wife Dr. Jill attending to play to the court scribes and fake news media in attendance. Comedian Roy Wood will be hosting the principal event and will certainly go easy on Biden and make his opponents look like fools.

Remember when Stephen Colbert stood next to President George W. Bush and mocked him to his face and insulted him?

Imagine a conservative being allowed to do that to Biden and not getting mountains of hate and pushback for it. Would never happen: not in 2023.

The WHCD is sure to be a gag-fest of cringe progressive worship and it’s just sad that Schwarzenegger is kicking it off.

The truth is this guy is actually a very good and motivational speaker, but even Schwarzenegger loses his gravitas and impact when the actual words he’s saying are so full of feces and cringe that they’re impossible to listen to.

The Bottom Line

Schwarzenegger’s new show FUBAR could be worth a watch, but you can safely skip his taped opener for the WHCD!

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.