AOC Slammed By Her Longtime Progressive Friend

A progressive lawmaker of the New York state legislature, Senator Jessica Ramos, slammed her longtime friend, AOC, for getting out of touch with the general public. 

Ramos’ state district overlaps with the congressional district of AOC; so, both of them have worked together for a long time.

However, the infighting within the Democrat Party is creating differences between the two progressives.

AOC Slammed By Her Progressive State Lawmaker

Recently, a medical student activist with the Twitter username @jai_lies said two highly respected medical academics tried to set up a meeting with AOC’s office to discuss healthcare reforms.

Whereas AOC’s office denied the meeting, stating the congresswoman is not focusing on healthcare now, the medical student noted.

In the subsequent tweets, the medical activist asserted AOC is doing “performative resistance art” in front of the camera, while she is not trying to do anything in real life. even though the country is in “the middle of two pandemics.”

He was criticizing AOC for her dramatic arrest in front of the Supreme Court during abortion protests, which was a staged event, as per the congresswoman.

Responding to the series of tweets by the medical student, AOC apologized, noting the behavior of her staff does not represent her values. The congresswoman also told the health activist to reach out to her with the case details.

This is where AOC’s longtime friend, Ramos, chided her ignorant behavior. Ramos, who chairs the Senate Labor Committee of the New York state legislature, told AOC she can only understand the real problems of people if she spends more time in her office.

According to Ramos, AOC has not “breathed our air,” so she does not understand the problems of New Yorkers.

Likewise, the state senator asked the progressive congresswoman what would happen to her employee who denied medical experts a meeting.

AOC Nowhere to Be Seen in Her District

When Ramos posted a series of tweets, AOC supporters also came forward against Ramos, but that did not stop her from speaking against AOC.

A Twitter user asked Ramos if she was jealous of AOC, to which she responded she just wanted her congressional representative to do her job in the district.

Meanwhile, Lauren Hitt, a spokesperson for AOC’s office, argued there is no official record of the controversial meeting, which created differences between two progressive lawmakers.

Hitt stated she demanded additional information about the meeting from the student who tweeted the controversy; this way, the office could take appropriate action against its troubled staffer.

Ramos’ allegations that AOC is out of touch with New Yorkers are in line with AOC’s House records. These suggest the lawmaker spends most of her time away from her office in Washington D.C., as well as in her home state.

Since the beginning of this congressional term, AOC has voted 26 times by proxy, including 11 this year. This is significantly greater than other New York congressional lawmakers.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.