Antifa Activists Finally Face the Music

"Sororidad Antifascista" by Jack From Hell

Antifa has made leaps over the past couple of years in establishing a name for themselves in the US.

This has been mainly through senseless acts of violence against unsuspecting individuals; now, it’s finally time for them to suffer the consequences of their actions.

According to one extremist from the movement, Alissa Nazar, Facebook sent out e-mails to hundreds of Antifa members.

The emails were notifying Antifa members that they’re currently under investigation by law enforcement on account of organized, violence-related messages found in their private chats.

“Antifa” by Chad Davis

Facebook provides invaluable data to the FBI

Now, the “badass” Nazar is pleading with her comrades to move their discussions to other platforms and saying they should contact their local “activist” collectives for any legal and bail funds that may become necessary.

Nazar, who is a self-proclaimed journalist, added the investigation is led by none other than the FBI. This is something many of these delusional activists may even take pride in, even if it’ll ultimately be their downfall.

In light of this, Nazar urged other Antifa members not to talk to any law enforcement officers, despite the fact that everyone is required by law to identify themselves.

The 5th Amendment only begins to apply after that.

If anything, this means these violent good-for-nothings will be getting off social media platforms for a while; while this, on its own, won’t fix Twitter, it’s a good step forward.

Andy Ngo continues to stand against Antifa

The group now shaking with fear over the FBI is the same group that “milkshaked” right-wing journalist Andy Ngo, forcing him to be hospitalized, due to the injuries he received from the chemicals.

They’re not strangers to violence. More often than not, they’ll gang up on non-violent civilians, rather than step up to the police force they’re ever-so-adamant on defunding.

In the end, Antifa is nothing short of a terrorist group looking to abuse the wave of “woke” in their favor and take away our legally acquired means to defend ourselves in favor of their absurd agendas.

What’s more, today’s Antifa is nothing compared to what the organization was and stood for in the past.

This is mainly due to the definition of “fascist” being wildly thrown out of proportion by the left-leaning crowd associating the word with anyone who disagrees with their narrative.

The “journalist” Alissa Nazar is currently facing charges for the violent assault of a right-wing protest group, which she sprayed with bear mace in Oregon City.

Her trial date is set for December 13th this year, prompting her to start an “OnlyFans” account to gather the legal funds she needs.

Probably the best option one hating capitalism can do is publish nude photos for money…

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.