Another Gaffe: Biden Mixed Up Two Countries’ Names in His NATO Speech

Biden is taking his gaffes overseas once again, mistakenly saying Switzerland wanted to join NATO. He meant to mention the NATO membership of Sweden, which was previously opposed by Turkey.

Whereas Switzerland, which Biden mentioned in his speech, has a long-standing policy of neutrality and non-alliance.

Biden Confused Sweden With Switzerland

Finland and Sweden became the two latest countries to join the military alliance after Turkey dropped its long-standing concerns regarding both of these nations.

As no country can enter NATO without the unanimous consent of all existing members, their membership was stalled since Turkey accused them of supporting Kurdish groups in the Syria war.

Biden was discussing the expansion of NATO as two new countries, Finland and Sweden, are all set to join the military alliance.

While Biden called the joint applications of the two countries “historic,” he still ended up messing up the names during this “historic” moment.

During his press conference after the NATO summit, Biden recalled his interaction with the Finland leader, claiming he wanted to visit him in the White House.

When Biden allowed him to visit, he came and asked Biden a simple question: would America let Finland enter NATO? Biden said the Finland leader told him to call “Switzerland” to discuss NATO expansion.

Though Biden realized his mistake and corrected himself immediately, saying, “Switzerland, my goodness,” I am “really anxious” about the NATO expansion.

Biden’s Long History of International Gaffes

However, this was not a stand-alone event. It now seems that mixing up countries’ names is a normal affair for Biden, who will turn 80 this year.

Last month, he was listing down the supporters of American sanctions against Russia and mistakenly said the name of “North Korea” as an American ally, instead of “South Korea.”

Likewise, he confused Syria with Libya when he was trying to describe the potential areas of cooperation with Russia last year.

In other international gaffes, Biden mistakenly declared a shift of the US historic policy towards Taiwan, just to get his comments walked back by the White House a couple of hours later.

Likewise, he called to remove Russian President Vladimir Putin from power, comments which brought international shame to the United States for meddling in the governance process of other nations.

Biden claimed he warned Putin not to invade Ukraine or be ready to see NATO getting “stronger” and more united. As Russia ignored US warnings, this expansion of NATO was the answer to the communist country, Biden concluded.

In a summit of a purely international nature, Biden also ended up discussing the abortion issue in front of other leaders as he touted his liberal agenda.

During his press briefing, he chided the Supreme Court, calling its decision “absolutely outrageous.”

Even after the Supreme Court bashing, Biden claimed the US is in a better position today to lead the world. This came as Biden sought more influence over the military alliance, which largely depends upon America’s support.