Anna Eskamani Angry With “Libs of TikTok” For Term “Groomer”

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The infamous LibsOfTikTok account is trending once again, this time over a Florida House of Representatives member’s disdain for their content.

This escalated to the point where even the online shopping platform Shopify is getting involved.

The government official in question, Anna Eskamani, abused her position to demand the platform bans the “radical right” account for their usage of the word “groomer.”

This “offensive” term was even offered as a promo code LibsOfTikTok’s Shopify store as a way of ridiculing the LGBTQ community.

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Democratic official abuses position for her own agenda

The term has apparently become a slur for the community in recent months, as numerous “family-friendly” drag events started surfacing all across the country as part of #PrideMonth.

Oddly enough though, even LGBTQ supporters and allies have been seen using the term “groomer,” albeit in a positive connotation, making Eskamani’s claims and demands that much more out of place.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Christina Pushaw, tweeted in response to Eskamani’s demands, expressing her disbelief that a government official is pushing a public platform to ban a private civilian over a clash of political views.

The driving force behind the petition was a Media Matters op-ed that stated the word “groomer” is an LGBTQ affront.

Then, it was said that LibsOfTikTok was purposely fabricating a false narrative with the intent to smear the community.

“Edgy” content apparently worse than sexualization of minors

The account has definitely been provoking some left-leaning Twitter users with its “edgy” content, but it’s never gone too far.

That’s unlike the “woke” mob, which sent hundreds of death threats and hurtful messages to the owner of the account.

LibsOfTikTok originally started using the word “groomer” for teachers who coerce their students into entering the local LGBTQ community or even encourage them to come out as trans and undergo chemical transitioning.

Despite this sounding like something straight out of some dystopian novel, it’s not too far from the truth.

We’ve seen countless “educators” include students in their late-night LGBTQ support groups, sometimes without informing the child’s parents.

The Shopify ban wasn’t exactly Eskamani’s idea; she merely opted to abuse her power as a government official to support it.

It was originally created by Harvard grad journalist Alejandro Caraballo, who claimed LibsOfTikTok was violating Shopify’s TOS without getting punished for it.

Eskamani immediately replied to the post, tagging the company and demanding a response. This goes to show that even government officials are not opposed to sexualizing minors in classrooms.

Many others replied to the lawmaker’s tweet, horrified with this blatant abuse of power, claiming that by supporting Caraballo’s petition, she practically branded herself a groomer on the platform.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.