And The Oscar For Best Dramatic Performance By A Member of Congress Goes To…. AOC  

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) got her job through an audition. She literally went to an audition for the Justice Democrats and was chosen for her vibe.

Ever since winning her place in office and becoming an icon on the radical left, AOC has kept up that role, being in full performance mode at all times. AOC is always onstage.

Where’s AOC?

Like a “Where’s Waldo?” cartoon, America has a new game: where’s AOC?

She’s fake crying at the border, pumping her fist like a South American revolutionary, or lying about January 6 and accusing everyone of racism with tears in her eyes.

This woman is an outstanding actress.

While we have to agree that in politics she doesn’t understand much, it’s undeniable that AOC always finds a way to show up and be the center of attention.

Her latest charade has even her fiercest critics clapping.

AOC’s Fake Arrest

On Tuesday, July 19, AOC starred in a ridiculous scene, arm-in-arm with her colleague and fellow circus performer Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.

The two of them blocked the street at a pro-abortion rally and then pretended to be handcuffed while police officers led them out of the middle of the street.

AOC is nothing more than a mid-range TikTok star who become famous for depressing scenes invented like this and so many others she’s done.

In another dramatic scene, AOC pretended to be suffering in anguish as if she felt the pain of kids “trapped” in cages.

Those crocodile tears were completely fake. She was next to a fence nowhere near any kids. It was fully posed, just like this hilarious idiocy.

Part of AOC’s power is the media loves and protects her. Not only because they’re mainly leftist, but also because AOC feeds them with ongoing controversy and clicks.

It’s animal instinct to defend your food. One photographer, who photographed the scene where AOC cried when she supposedly saw children in cages, said it was genuine and that AOC’s tears were real. Sure.

You can’t blame him. It is logical that he would defend his work and the one who puts food on his table. The media loves the AOC and always defends her.

That’s because she’s a great professional.

They even did their best to film her from the front so that clips could be used on the news of AOC being walked away from the scene appearing to be handcuffed, which she wasn’t.

An Oscar For AOC!

AOC is worthy of an Oscar for this. Perhaps Omar could get recognition as well for her secondary role. What’s the real point of their performance?

The point is to garner sympathy and drama around their fake protest and fake compassion. These people are circus clowns and actresses.

Keeping that in mind, what does this say about those who believe they’re actually real heroes or genuine individuals?

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.