America’s Most Honest Democrat Speaks Out

Bernie Sanders wants to get something off his chest: Without a course adjustment, he believes the Democrat Party is doomed to lose this election.

It’s Looking Good For Republicans

“Republicans have a great chance of taking back control of the House and potentially the Senate,” Sanders added.

While the GOP’s anti-abortion stance and resistance to more extensive gun regulations may benefit Democrats, he cautioned they should not “believe they’re going to march to victory just on those issues.”

With the majority blazing before Democrats’ faces, Sanders expects Democrats to make the case for increased Democratic dominance in 2023 thru a Newt Gingrich-style “Compact with America” after genuine dialogue.

It’s a long-shot effort to lift the Democrat Party’s gloom.  Biden’s poll numbers stay low and the Democrats worry about keeping their majority in the face of Republicans.

Many Democrats hope weak Republican candidates, a Biden comeback, or a last-minute rush of minor legislation will help them keep their majorities.

Sanders, on the other hand, is sick of joyful notions.

“Tell the American people, ‘Look, we wouldn’t have the votes right now to accomplish it.'” Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are among the corporate Democrats who will not support Sanders.

“The leadership needs to come out and declare we don’t have the numbers to pass anything meaningful right now. Apologies. You received 48 votes. We’ll need more to get it passed. Democrats’ campaign’s theme should have been that.”

Sanders’ plea comes at a critical time for the Democrat Party. Last year, Democrats collaborated with conservatives to approve a historic infrastructure bill after passing a $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue bill.

However, in December, Manchin voted against the wider climate-and-jobs plan known as “Build Back Better.” Efforts to persuade him and Sinema to lessen the parliamentary filibuster failed.

Inaction Will be Their Undoing

As a result, the Democrat Party delayed issues ranging from abortion rights and gun control to electoral reform.

“Two business Democrats, Senators Manchin and Sinema, undermined [Build Back Better],” Sanders said. “Since then, the Democratic Party has been on the decline.”

“I have never lambasted Sen. Sanders for his socialist principles,” Manchin said in a statement in response to Sanders’ remark. “It’s a shame he won’t embrace the more moderate viewpoints I and my voters have.”

For this report, Sinema refuses to comment. She was largely regarded inside the caucus as being significantly more favorable of the $1.75 trillion party-line packages enacted by the House, which was replete with Democratic goals, than Manchin.

Despite the discord among the Senate Democrats’ 50 members, there is a last-ditch effort to pass legislation on Capitol Hill.

Sen. Chris Murphy is spearheading delicate discussions with conservatives on gun safety measures.

In addition, the House and Senate are now debating a package to address the United States’ competitiveness with China, which Sanders believes is overly lenient toward huge businesses.