Americans Will AGAIN Struggle to Find Basic Commodities

Protests against vaccine restrictions in Canada have resulted in the blockade of the US-Canada border, which is considered one of the busiest borders in the world.

Meanwhile, Republican lawmakers and Donald Trump have extended their support to people trying to fight against the mandates.

Trade blockade can bring chaos to stores in America

The rising protests prompted Canadian lawmakers to express their concerns about the blockade of the US-Canadian border that is extremely busy in routine, due to trade.

Calling the blocked bridge one of the “most important” border crossings in the whole world, the Canadian Public Safety Minister noted it carries almost 25 percent of US-Canada trade.

Similarly, Omar Alghabra, the Canadian Transport minister, claimed these crises are bound to strain the supply chain; this can result in the non-availability of many essential commodities both in America and Canada.

The surging protests are part of the public demonstrations against COVID restrictions, primarily vaccine mandates, which are surging in Canada with each passing day. Thus, it has encouraged many in America as well to come out and join the movement.


The automotive sector is one of the most impacted industries due to these protests, as it constitutes a major share of trade between America and Canada.

Even as little as five hours of delay in some of the essential commodities can disrupt the supply chain in America, per the claims of the LMC Automotive consulting firm of Michigan.

These demonstrations began in late January when both America and Canada imposed a vaccine mandate on truck drivers to enter their respective countries.

Since then, protestors have been continually rising in numbers, as even Republican lawmakers voiced their support for their ideological partners across borders in Canada.

Trump and DeSantis came forward to support protests

Former US President Donald Trump described Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau as a “far-left lunatic” for imposing the mandates.

Similarly, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced the beginnings of an investigation against the famous crowdfunding company, GoFundMe, when it suggested it will stop funding the protests in Canada.

Although the Canadian Prime Minister acknowledged the people have every right to protest, he stated no one has the right to block the economy and democracy of the country.

The surging protests have already created divisions among Justin Trudeau’s liberal party as his lawmakers stated he needs to create a road map and tell clearly when the COVID restrictions will be lifted.

Joel Lightbound, the liberal lawmaker, said it is not the right time to divide people further in the name of COVID restrictions.

While the protests named as a” freedom convoy” are majorly limited to Ottawa, Canada, many different cities of Canada are now removing COVID restrictions in their bid to bring things back to normal.