Americans’ Verdict Against the Radical Left’s Agenda

A new poll has indicated a majority of Americans oppose transgender surgeries for minors.

This came at a time when liberals were pushing children all over the country to reassess their gender using their so-called progressive agenda in schools.

Americans Rejected Far-Left Gender Agenda

As per the recently conducted survey by a conservative nonprofit, Americans were asked if they agree on the ban on cross-sex hormones, physical sex-exchange surgeries, and puberty blockers for children younger than 18.

In response to this, 56% of Americans noted that they supported the ban, while only 34  claimed they were not in favor of any such ban.

Almost one-third of the respondents identified as Democrats, while 37% declared themselves to be Republicans. Similarly, nearly one-quarter of the respondents were Independents.

The organization named OnMessage Inc., which conducted the survey, also asked respondents if they favor children being pushed into a sex change.

On this, an overwhelming 63% suggested children are too young for this important decision.

This poll was conducted in six battleground states which are expected to have tough competition in the upcoming elections. Included in these states were Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada, and Arizona.

As per many medical experts, the tendency of gender dysphoria is increasing among young people at an alarming rate.

Many medical professionals are even reluctant to talk about it as they fear personal and professional retaliation.

This fear of retaliation started becoming real since Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary for Health, who is the top ranking transgender in the country, mentioned that medical professionals have “no argument” against the importance of gender-affirming care.

Medical Experts Warn Against Unsafe Practices to Treat Gender Dysphoria

Although medical associations are adopting various techniques for kids who have gender dysphoria, some health experts are also warning against the use of those treatments that have yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

An independent endocrinologist in California, Dr. Michael Laidlaw, claimed most hormone treatments are not approved by the FDA for treating gender dysphoria.

The doctor suggested children who try to block normal puberty by employing this technique can have various side effects.

These side effects can include abnormal bone development for children, causing infertility and triggering sexual dysfunction. He further added these effects could be irreversible.

Health experts are ringing the alarm bells at a time when the Biden administration is busy preaching gender-changing processes across the schools of the United States.

Under the newly proposed changes, the incumbent government will propagate the concept of gender identity in schools.

Experts believe this can manipulate the decision-making process of children who are too young to make this important judgment themselves.

In the absence of safe methods of treating dangerous dysphoria, these children can be the victims of unsafe practices, which can have life-long consequences.