Alvin Bragg Faces Fury of Murder Victim’s Mother

The mother of a slain man in the metropolis of New York fiercely denounced Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on a Monday, amidst a virtual gathering of the House Judiciary Committee.

In an effort to underscore Bragg’s shortcomings in pursuing ruthless lawbreakers within the district, House Republicans orchestrated the meeting at the Jacob Javits Federal Building, a stone’s throw from Bragg’s workplace.

Bragg’s Reluctance Deprives Family of Justice

A mere seven days prior, the esteemed committee unveiled the names of those poised to elucidate the magnitude of the criminal justice system’s inadequacies, which had so profoundly impacted both themselves and their kin.

Nevertheless, on Monday, the stark reality of New York’s criminal figures materialized through the narrative of a woman, Madeline Brame, who delineated her years-long pursuit of justice for her son’s murderers.

Upon Bragg’s ascension to office the previous year, she lamented that two culprits were granted undue clemency. In the autumn of 2018, former Army Sgt. Hason Correa, aged 35, fell victim to a brutal assault and stabbing at the hands of a mob in Harlem.

The grisly homicide of the ex-serviceman was captured on film, culminating in the apprehension and subsequent charging of four individuals, as documented by The New York Post.

In a Manhattan assembly teeming with listeners, Correa’s mother told how Bragg’s reluctance to vigorously prosecute violent transgressors deprived her, her children, and her family of the justice they sought.

Indeed, her testimony was nothing short of compelling.

Mother Expresses Discontent With Trifling Reprimands

A duo of Correa’s executioners currently endure incarceration spanning 20 years to life. Nevertheless, Brame expressed her discontent, as two additional individuals implicated in the heinous crime by law enforcement faced mere trifling reprimands.

According to her, under Bragg’s purview, the case “instantaneously commenced its disintegration.”

“Entirely discarding the gang assault and murder charges against a pair of defendants, whose involvement in my son’s ferocious, barbaric death is irrefutably evident on video,” she stated.

“Hason suffered a barrage of kicks, punches, and stomps, was stabbed on nine occasions by four strangers, and he caused no harm,” she further elaborated.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.