Air Force Award Citations Pander to the Libs with Gender-neutral Language

"Royal Air Force" by Jack Langton

A circulating e-mail at Osan Air Base paints a grim picture of the US Air Force’s future.

Its contents reveal one leadership group within the branch is pushing for the usage of non-gendered pronouns during award ceremonies for individual airmen.

Instead, they advise that Non-Commissioned Officers should exclusively use gender-neutral pronouns during their speeches, with the idea being award narratives require terms like “member” and “individual.”

“Nellis Air Force Base” by Robert Sullivan

The death of gendered pronouns

What this means is the majority of people using he/she pronouns would be marginalized, whereas the change only caters to the small minority that doesn’t use standard pronouns.

The instructions were e-mailed to over a dozen leaders at Osan Air Base in Korea, with the hope that officers would adhere to these newly-created guidelines for any future monthly and quarterly airman awards.

The award in question was originally designed as a way of honoring the country’s Air Force for their hard work and continued dedication, but it loses value if we sacrifice an Airman’s identity for the sake of pandering to liberal values.

As for the leadership group behind the proposed changes, they’re not part of the Department of Defense, but all of their members are Non-Commissioned Officers in E5 or E6 paygrades.

Is the guideline update even in line with Air Force policy?

Currently, the Osan leadership group has yet to respond to requests for comment on the updated guidance.

Considering they didn’t immediately provide an answer for whether the guidance was in line with Air Force policy, chances are there’s a lot more going on behind the curtains.

However, it’s not like this guidance update wasn’t expected.

The Department of Defense has been under heavy fire for a while now for pushing “woke” agendas, such as changing the Air Force’s anthem, releasing “educational” videos on unconscious bias, and even removing the suffix “-man” from the well-established term “Airman.”

In fact, a report showed the department spent over $535k and five million work hours on these agendas, prompting dozens of Republican lawmakers to take a stand against the left’s involvement in governing the military.

The world is in a state of turmoil. The geopolitical implications that the Ukraine-Russia conflict has on the rest of the world should be reason enough for the Biden administration to set their priorities straight.

Unfortunately, promoting social justice where and when it’s least needed seems to take precedence over countering large-scale military operations by China and Russia or even creating a proper counter-terrorism plan for the upcoming period.

12 Republican senators shot back at the shocking report, adding the US military shall not be used to push extremist agendas and that its service members are all patriots at heart.