Absolute Chaos at the Southern Border

As the Biden administration disclosed to repeal Title 42 in May, the concerns about rising illegal immigration are at an all-time high.

Republican lawmakers, as well as border officials, are extremely disappointed with the move.

Republicans worried about upcoming violence at US border

Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader, accused Biden of abdicating his responsibilities at the US border.

According to him, the president is “actively working” to make matters worse at the southern border.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced the “current public health conditions” and increased availability of resources to fight the pandemic are encouraging the administration to terminate Title 42.

Ending Title 42 was one of the primary demands of many activists and far-left Democrats; however, Republicans and moderate Democrats posed significant resistance against the measure, which pushed Biden to delay the decision.

McCarthy also added this chaotic decision would overwhelm Border Patrol agents and help human traffickers push illegal immigrants into the United States.

Biden turning a blind eye toward Americans’ needs

Even the Biden administration itself has acknowledged the potential influx of illegal immigrants. However, it is planning to deploy more resources at the border to tackle the situation.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, noted the government has a “comprehensive” plan to address the crisis.

Border Patrol agents are already worried about what is coming their way soon after the termination of Title 42.

Arizona sheriff Mark Dannels stated he is “very concerned” with the unfolding crisis, adding the chaos was already surging at American borders. 

Border officials are worried about the existing crisis at a time when over 7,000 encounters were reported on average per day in February. 

Dannels further added that 22,000 encounters were reported in Arizona alone, while more than 16,000 known “got aways” were detected in just a single city.

Thus according to him, Title 42 was the last hope of border officials, which will also be snatched soon.

According to Mayorkas, the government is increasing its capacity to engage with new arrivals and asylum seekers, as he added over 600 law enforcement officials would be deployed to the border.

All of this is happening at a time when Border Patrol agents have caught a score of hardened criminals trying to enter the United States.

Reportedly, the agents caught an MS-13 gang member attempting to enter the United States with a group of 67 migrants. The criminal was previously deported from America.

Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) is a violent group with the motto of “mata, viola, controla,” meaning “kill, rape, control.”

Likewise, the agents also caught a Mexican smuggler who was deported from America after being convicted for attempted murder.

Another rapist who served a jail term of 11 years in Indiana was caught crossing into the United States near the Rio Grande border.