A Mighty Assault on American Democracy By the Left

President Biden is rethinking his strategy on how to deal with the GOP. As per the new plan, he is going to “attack” the Republican Party by denouncing the path of bipartisanship.

Biden Decides to Be “Offensive” Against the GOP

According to a recent Politico report, Biden is about to “finally” rethink his way of dealing with the Republican Party, due to the “obstructionism” of its lawmakers.

John Lemire of Politico claimed all efforts of bipartisanship are now in danger between the top two parties of the country.

Democrats are asserting Biden overemphasized bipartisanship, which is why many lawmakers of his own party are disgruntled by him.

Lemire stated even some of the “closest advisers” of the president are not happy with his way of dealing with the Republicans.

For a long time, Biden relied on bipartisanship to further his own radical agenda in Congress.

This agenda included the passing of the social spending spree, the police reform bill, and federalizing voting laws. However, Republicans distanced themselves from any such activity, which is worrying Democratic lawmakers.

The liberal writer also stated most Republican lawmakers are inclined toward former President Trump, which is prompting them not to help Biden in any legislation.

This is the reason, the author continued, why Biden relied on phrases like “Ultra MAGA” to describe Republican legislators. 

Too many Democrats wanted Biden to denounce bipartisanship earlier in his tenure, per some of the top White House officials, Lemire added.

He further asserted that White House officials, including former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, advised Biden to be hard on Republicans.

Biden Only Pursued Bipartisanship to Pass His Agenda

First lady Jill Biden also asked the president to be “more on the offensive” by leaving any bipartisan effort.

After so many voices, now Biden believes the GOP is an “existential threat” to the democracy of America, the author noted.

This piece of Lemire attracted critics as well, who established Biden never ever pursued true bipartisanship in the first place. 

Matt Whitlock, the communications director of the GOP, stated he was fascinated by the idea Biden actually tried to pursue bipartisanship.

He suggested the president only came to the Republican Party to pass the radical left agenda.

Likewise, the founder of Martech Zone, Douglas Karr, said the media believes inviting the opposite party to support your own legislation is bipartisanship.

Matt Wolking, the vice president of communications at Axiom Strategies, reminded Biden of his old lines when the president said anyone opposing the leftist agenda of voting rights was a racist like George Wallace.

An investigative reporter at the Washington Free Beacon, Chuck Ross, took aim at Biden as well. He claimed Biden compared Republicans to Bull Connor at a time when he was unable to work with his own party’s two moderate senators.