A Federal Judge Has Blocked the White House’s Gender Policies

Throughout his time as president, Joe Biden has continuously tried to impose his agendas on the nation, despite the consequences.

Biden’s done this with the energy sector, letting gas prices skyrocket in the name of climate change and getting people hooked on electric vehicles.

The president also continues to demand that Americans deal with climbing inflation and interest rates so that he can pass endless spending bills.

Biden’s even sought to impose gender policies on the country, demanding that sports teams and facility bathrooms scrap biological requirements for access to certain settings or particular clubs.

However, a federal judge recently stepped in and blocked the White House’s implementation of gender policies, according to Newsmax.

No Deal For the Biden Administration

Federal Judge Charles Atchley Jr. made a very clear determination.

The Biden administration cannot force states to let transgender people play on the sports teams matching their gender identities (rather than their biological gender).

It also cannot pull back laws requiring that people use the locker rooms, bathrooms, etc. that match their biological gender.

This happened after nearly two dozen GOP attorneys general brought legal action against the White House for imposing gender policies that clash with existing rules at the state level.

Following the judge’s ruling, Republican attorneys general praised it as a win for the rights and protections of women and girls across the country.

In the lawsuit against the White House, it was accused of abusing protections designed to prevent discrimination.

Rising Unpopularity

The president’s latest legal defeat in trying to force women and girls to share bathrooms, locker rooms, and sports teams with biological males comes amid his growing unpopularity.

Many Americans just don’t appreciate the ways this White House is making their lives harder. This extends beyond gender ideology and transcends into public safety issues, economic problems, and more.

Biden’s popularity is coming along so terribly that even most Democrats don’t believe he should be the one leading and representing the party in 2024. Meanwhile, fewer than two out of ten Independents currently approve of the job this president is doing.

The sanctity of women’s sports continues to be a hot-button issue as more and more people emphasize the rights of biological females to be entitled to their own spaces.

Many women and girls just don’t feel comfortable sharing their locker rooms and bathrooms with biological males. Yet, this is something Democrats and the Biden administration continue to push for.

All things considered, the last thing this president should be doing is further burning his bridges or alienating even more Americans.

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This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.