A Birth Control Pill For Men May Soon Be Widely Available

In America today, there are a wide array of different birth control options.

From pills to IUDs, arm implants, shots, and more, millions of women nationwide use birth control to prevent pregnancies and otherwise reap specific health benefits.

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade last month, there have been growing conversations about male options for birth control and steps that men can take to help prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Since the downfall of Roe, multiple vasectomy clinics have reported major upticks in men signing up for appointments. However, according to Washington Examiner, there could very well be a birth control pill soon available for male use.

What to Know About This Latest Development

Endocrine Society recently revealed a new study showing oral birth control pills that men can take on a daily basis have overcome a previous setback. This means the contraceptives finally have the ability to repress hormones that create sperm.

Tamar Jacobsohn, a top researcher, says this development will allow both men and women to pull their weight when it comes to pregnancy prevention.

Jacobsohn also states this contraception will allow men to have a more active role in family planning and benefit public health overall.

Part of the study that’s shown positive steps forward has involved men actually consuming this birth control pill over time to determine its effects. Thus far, of dozens of different men,  most expressed their willingness to take the contraceptive again.

Finally, Jacobsohn informed that good strides forward in clinical trials indicate positive news that the general public should feel happy about.

Online Conversations About Male Contraception

In a post-Roe America, the nation has seen growing conversations about options for men to join women in taking contraceptives.

Vasectomies can be reversed in some cases; however, healthcare officials urge men who undergo these procedures to consider them to be permanent forms of birth control.

Right now, scientists still have more work to do before a male birth control pill is readily safe and available for public consumption.

In the meantime, social media continues to display growing support for men being able to have an array of birth control options at their disposal, just as women do.

Time will tell whether or not vasectomy clinics persist in seeing prominent upticks in men signing up for this procedure.

Many of the men getting vasectomies have said they either don’t want to have (more) kids or don’t want the burden of pregnancy prevention to fall solely on their female partners.

What do you think about the scientific strides forward concerning a birth control pill for men? When you do suppose this new form of contraception will be readily available? Share your views about this in the comments area below.